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Highway A-11 Tordesillas - Zamora

Section: Toro - Zamora

The Highway Tordesillas - Zamora is aimed at the improvement of the roads of the area served by the national road N-122, eliminating crossings and improving its capacity. It is also the first phase for the implementation of a new high capacity motorway connecting with Portugal roads network.

The section Toro - Zamora is 32.2 km in length and runs entirely through the province of Zamora. Three junctions are included in the project: first with the road C-519 in Toro, second one with the local road ZA-P-1303 in Coreses and third junction with the motorway A-66. The project also includes a new road to the city of Zamora from the Highway A-11 by improving the road N-122.

The highway platform consists of two roads of 10.5 m separated by a median strip of 10 meters. Each road consists of two lanes of 3.50 m in width, outer shoulder of 2.50 m and internal shoulder of 1.0 m in width.

The project includes 42 structures and bridges: five viaducts; an overpass and three underpasses of exclusive access for fauna; eight overpasses and 20 underpasses for tracks; four overpasses for other roads; one bridge crossing over railway line Medina del Campo-Zamora, and a bridge over Toro-Zamora channel.

Among the viaducts included in the project is the viaduct over the Adalia Arroyo with 561 m in length. The structure is distributed in 11 bays, with 53.50 m of maximum length, and piers of 30.00 m of maximum height. The bridge is formed by two boards with 10.50 m in width, solved by a beam with a monocelular section.

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