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Human resources

Over 100 professionals work in PROSER, forming the fundamental pillars for achieving business successes.

The policy and human resources management system are aimed at achieving the workers' full integration into the company and their commitment to the mission of serving the client through stable employment, attracting and retaining talent, personnel and professional development, equal opportunities and care for their well-being.

This policy and the human resources management system are based on:

  • The attraction and retaining of talent, always with equal opportunity criteria and in a climate of dialogue and cordiality.
  • Strengthen professional and personal development through:
    • Training that gives the employee the knowledge and skills needed to create a more competitive company. Training in PROSER is structured in various stages (welcome training, basic training and recycling training) and covers all groups in the company to provide true continuous personnel training.
    • Internal communications to give personnel knowledge, participation and initiative.
    • Internal promotion
  • Care for the workers' well-being through:
    • A safe working environment. PROSER has implemented a management system and has developed monitoring and control mechanisms to ensure compliance with current regulations and to ensure that its workers and those of sub-contracted companies have the best possible safety conditions. PROSER, as a company in FCC group, has a medical service responsible for monitoring the workers' health.
    • Social benefits:
      • Subsidezed Loans
      • Social benefits for disabled people
      • Insurances with special conditions

Distribution of staff by categories

Directors and holders of advanced degrees
Technicians and degree holder
Administrative and salaried
Rest of salaried personnel
Total 115

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