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Delegation Cataluña

The delegation in Cataluña was created in 1975 with the intention of becoming a modern engineering company able to operate actively in the field of civil engineering, and able to meet the challenge posed by the implementation of new technologies, working in the area of Cataluña. 

PROSER works for the main administrations and public companies in Cataluña. The delegation is divided into three departments: Transports, Environment and Hydraulic Works, and Construction Management. 

The trajectory of PROSER has been distinguished in maintaining the aim of ensuring a work of quality for its clientship, made in an efficient way, also applying the latest technology in an effort to improve its performance.

Delegation in Cataluña

Proyectos y Servicios S.A.U. (PROSER)
Carrer Josep Tarradellas, 123, 7ª
Tel.: +34 93.363.45.50

Images gallery

  • Road C-17
  • Gran Vía (Road C-31)
  • Badalona Centre Station (Line 2 Metro)
  • Ringroad of Igualada South
  • Tram-Baix
  • Pool of Merlès
  • Vall d'en Joan
  • Ringroad of Palau
  • Pool of Sector 12.2
  • Channelling River Cardener
  • Channel Segarra Garrigues sector 4.1
  • Channel Segarra Garrigues sector 12.1


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