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Tunnel of Serra Grossa

The tunnel of Serra Grossa is part of the project of the "New Track of the line 1 in the Finca Adoc" in Alicante. This project ensures better access for the line 1 of the Alicante Tram to the centre of the city from the towns of Altea, Benidorm, Villajoyosa and El Campello. 

The line currently used a former line of FEVE, part of which will be dismantled and conditioning as a pedestrian walkway. 

The tunnel of Serra Grossa has a total length of 1.470 meters; 125 meters of them constructed by the system of "cut and cover". 

The tunnel presents a cross section with 4.67 meters of inner radius and more than 50 square meters, with two lateral walks with a width of 1.20 m.

The project also included a evacuation gallery of 144 metres long, and a cross section of 12 square meters. It runs from inside the tunnel to the existing railway platform, a future pedestrian walkway. 

The ground in which the tunnel is situated is formed by bioclastic calcarenites and  tertiary marls, which have suffered some tectonic processes. These tertiary marls correspond to the worst geotechnical materials available, and are located in the final length of the tunnel, along a small section of 90 m in length.

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