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Tunnel of San Pedro

PROSER drafted the construction project and developed the technical assistance to ADIF of the Tunnel of San Pedro. This tunnel is a singular work included in New Railway Link to the North-Northeast of Spain, the High Speed Line Madrid - Segovia - Valladolid. This 8.9 km tunnel is the third in length in Spain.

The tunnel is in a section included in its entirety in the province of Madrid and it runs through the municipal terms of Colmenar Viejo and Miraflores de la Sierra.

Due to the length of the tunnel, it has been planned with a twin type, i.e., two parallel tunnels (tubes) attached for horizontal galleries. The tunnel has an inner diameter of 8.75 m, which gives a geometric section of more of 52 square meters. This section is considered enough for the maximum speed of 350 km/h. 

The works include a total of 22 galleries connecting tubes, and four power stations inside the tunnels. Connection galleries are arranged every 400 m, equipping the tunnels of the evacuation routes required. These galleries are designed with a domed section that represents a cross section of 12.95 square meters.  

The ground corresponds to the characteristic one of the southern foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, constituted mainly by igneous and metamorphic materials (ortogneises, leucogneises, adamellitas, porphyries granodioríticos, etc.).


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