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Dam of L'Albages

The reservoir of L'Albagés is situated at the end of the Canal Segarra-Garrigues in the province of Lleida, inside the municipality of Albagés.

The construction project of the dam of L'Albagés defines the following works:

  • Dam and cofferdams.
  • Galleries of diversion of the river, bottom drain and water intakes
  • Spillway
  • Cushion basin and channelling downstream of the dam
  • Road access to the dam
  • Pipeline of supply of drinking water to the town Cervià de les Garrigues
  • Environmental corrective measures.

The dam is situated in the Valley of the River Set, and creates a reservoir of 79.8 hm3 capacity, to its normal level at an elevation of 381.

At the bottom of the valley, on the two banks of the River Set, separate galleries for the diversion of the river (during the construction of the dam) are planned. After the construction of the dam, these galleries will be used as bottom drain (left bank) and water intakes (right bank one).

On the right bank of the dam, it is situated the spillway designed to evacuate the maximum flood of River Set.

The project includes a road access from the road C-233 to the dam. This road access consists of two different tracks: one road for the high level, and other one from the road C-233 to the bottom level of the dam.

The reservoir floods the road from Albagés to Cervià de les Garrigues and the drainpipe of water supply to this town. Both, road and pipeline, run along the right bank of the River Set. The project includes a new track for both elements (road and pipe) over the maximum reservoir level, on the left side of the Valley of the River set.

The planned works include lighting and the complete landscaping of the walls of the dam.

According to current environmental legislation relating to hydraulic works, the necessary measures (protective and corrective ones) are designed, in order to minimize the negative conditions that could arise during the construction of the projected works.

The projected dam is an earth and rockfill dam, with waterproof core of clay mud.  It is a dam of straight plant and cross section of trapezoidal type, with 10 meters in width at 386 m altitude, and slopes 3 h: 1V in the wet wall. The slope of the wall of downstream is 2.5 h: 1V.

The maximum height of the dam over the river bed is 79 meter, reaching 85.00 meters its maximum height above foundation. 

A cofferdam is projected for the diversion of the River Set during the construction of the dam, and it creates a reservoir of 825,000 m3.

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