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Tram Baix LLobregat

The works consist of the construction of 3 tram lines in  Barcelona and six surrounding municipalities. Adding the three lines, the network is about 22.6 km of lines, with more than 70% of the length with double way, 33 stops, workshops and garages. The introduction of this mode of transport in the existing streets and roads presents various types of sections. Including the tram in these streets involves the rearrangement of the number and width of lanes of traffic, expansion of sidewalks, and the introduction of new urban elements such as lighting.

Also, this method of transport has the necessary connectivity, linking with the rest of public transports in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (L5 Metro Station of Cornellà; L3 Metro stations of  Maria Cristina and Palau Reial; and  railway line Cornellà -St. Feliu de Llobregat)

The works of the new tram network include:

  • All railway elements (railway platform, track superstructure, power supply line and electric stations)
  • Landscaping and urban integration of the new tram
  • Significant structures such as the station of Cornellà (only underground stop, connecting with the railway line and Line 5 of Metro de Barcelona); underpass under the highway A-2, and the widening of 5 existing bridges.
  • Specific design of the stops, including the necessary facilities (panels of information to the user, ticketing and intercoms of communication)


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