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Gran Vía in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

The work greatly attenuates the deficit of permeability that exists in the Gran Vía (C-31) to L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, in the section from Plaza Cerdà to the railway line. In this section the C-31 is almost another street of the city due to the many urban roads to the side of the road.

This permeability can be achieved with the coverage of certain sections of the central road, in a length of 840 m (of a total of 2,175 meters). These coverages are distributed in five sections of 88-340 m in length.

The works included in the Gran Vía Underground Section consist:

  • Central Road of the Gran Vía, a cross section of 3 lanes, plus one more lane in some sections. This is a buried section with screens up to 25 m depth and bottom closure slab.
  • Urbanization of side roads (city level) and connections with the local roads and streets (total width of 96 m).
  • Road connections from the buried Central Road of Gran Vía and the side roads (at city level).
  • Drainage of the Gran Vía (buried central road and side roads), which includes a deposit for rainwater and new tracks for the sewers crossing Gran Vía.
  • New railway station of Ferrocarriles de La Generalitat (Amadeu Torner - Fira), anticipating the future link with line 9 of Metro de Barcelona.
  • Temporary diversions of traffic, with more than 2,200 m of provisional road.


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