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ETAP - EBAP de la Sagra Este

Drinking water treatment station (ETAP) of Seseña and Pumping station (EBAP) of Sagra Este

The project includes the construction of a new Drinking water treatment station (WWTP) and a Pumping station, with an investment of EUR 12.4 million. The facilities have a treatment capacity of 640 litres per second.  

The facilities are designed to achieve the quality of drinking water required for the implementation of European directives, as well as the R.D. 140/2003 (health criteria of the quality of water for human consumption).

Its processing capacity is enough to supply a population of more than 190,000 inhabitants. 

Water treatment includes a deposit of 10,100 cubic meters; intermediate pumping; mixing and flocculation; decanting, sand filtering, reverse osmosis and ozone treatments (pre and post).  

The EDAR-EBAP also provides the necessary elements for the treatment of the sludge produced in the process, including his conditioning and a water recovery treatment.

When the content in gross water exceeds 250 p.p.m sulphates the installation of reverse osmosis will be operational. 

The produced water is stored in a tank of drinking water of 10,000 cubic metres. When the tank is full, it is pumped in the EBAP by 4 (+ 1) pumps equipped with engines of 500 KW each (150 l/s;  240 meters) to the reservoir located in Esquivias (20 Km in length and 200 m of altitude gain).

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