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FCC Construcción signs its second Equality Plan with CCOO and UGT

Madrid, 9 March. Earlier today, FCC Construcción signed the company's second Equality Plan with the General Union of Workers trade union for metalwork, construction and similar activities (MCA-UGT) and the Workers' Commission (CCOO) trade union for Construction and Services. This new plan is applicable to the entire FCC Construcción organisation, including subsidiaries and affiliates, while covering and uniting all members of staff.

The plan is based on a set of measures designed to ensure equal treatment and opportunities between men and women and to eliminate any trace of gender discrimination. To achieve this goal, a series of key areas will be addressed: access to work, promotion, training, remuneration, reconciliation and shared responsibility, prevention of gender-based abuse, harassment at work, gender violence, health and wellbeing, and communication. Positive measures and actions will be introduced in all these areas to achieve the proposed goals. In addition, a monitoring plan has been devised with annual reviews to evaluate the scope of these measures and to plan the strategy for the following year.

New features of this second plan include expanding the chapter on reconciliation to include concepts such as flexibility and shared responsibility, with the aim of raising awareness about equality as a broad social issue that affects both men and women.  New chapters have been added on health and wellbeing at work, under the general area of health and safety, and on communication, reflecting the importance of using language and audio-visual communication that upholds equality.

On the trade union side, the agreement was signed by Vicente Sánchez, the general secretary of CCOO Construction and Services and Carlos Romero, the general secretary of MCA-UGT, Industry Federation, while Ana Villacañas, the general manager of FCC organisation, and María Sánchez, the HR manager of FCC Construcción, signed on behalf of FCC.

This new plan, signed to celebrate yesterday's International Women's Day, continues on from the plan created on 19 November 2008 and will remain in effect until 31 December 2018.

Before devising the plan, a diagnosis of the situation was performed to understand day-to-day staff experiences, to detect needs and to define areas for improvement.

The signing of this agreement is yet another push towards effective equality in the Construction area of the FCC Group. For many years, the Group has already been working to a code of principles and ethics, developed through a range of schemes, internal procedures and positive measures intended to foster a working environment that promotes respect among employees, equal opportunities for men and women and integration of diversity; concepts that represent a growing commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

This agreement forms part of the initiatives that both trade unions are currently running to promote measures to defend and boost equal treatment and opportunities between men and women and to eliminate gender-based discrimination.

Ultimately, with this second Equality Plan, FCC Construcción and the FCC Group as a whole are reinforcing their commitment to equality between men and women; adding new measures in areas such as communication or health and safety at work and developing all other areas. All this is done with the firm belief that the Equality Plan signed and presented today must serve as an efficient tool for achieving effective equality between women and men.

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