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Head offices

The departments of Administration, Finances, Human Resources, Commercial and General Services are centralized at headquarters of PROSER.

The technical departments of Geology and Geotechnics, Structures or Environmental Science, that give support to the staff working in the projects, the studies and the technical assistances of works that are generated in PROSER are coordinated from the headquarters in Madrid. This technical departments work for both Headquarters and also for the delegations, the one in Cataluña and the Delegation South.

In Madrid, PROSER coordinates the works carried out for the main administrations and public companies of the national government and regional and local administrations not covered by its delegations.

Head Offices are also responsible for the relations in working with the private companies, and it also acts a coordinating agent in international relations, especially through its subsidiary company in Mexico PROSERME.

The trajectory of PROSER has been distinguished in maintaining the aim of ensuring a work of quality for its clientship, made in an efficient way, also applying the latest technology in an effort to improve its performance.

Head Office

Proyectos y Servicios S.A.U. (PROSER)
Calle Acanto Nº 22, 2º 
Tel:  + 34 913530690
Fax: +34 913530691

Subsidiary Company in Méjico

Impulsora de proyectos (PROSERME)
Blvd.Adolfo López Mateos, 216. 01180 - Col.San Pedro de los Pinos,
Mexico D.F.
Tlf: + 52 15551817463


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